Talking Tables…let’s explore!

Greetings from the Pink and Purple Rooms, coming to you with another activity that the children have really enjoyed here at nursery, that you might like to try at home.

Using a variety of different household objects made from a range of materials, including wooden spoons and egg cups, metal whisks, colanders, pots, pans and sponges, we set up a ‘talking table’ for the children to explore.

Such objects are really good to use with children of all ages, as they promote imaginative, creative and open-ended play but can also enhance children’s sensory development, as they explore.

So, to create our ‘talking table’, a member of staff laid our a range of resources on a table and then sat quietly by the table, waiting for the children to approach to take a look.


Once a child had approached the talking table, the staff member spoke to them about each item they picked up or touched, describing the item, using words relating to them, for example, whisk-shiny, metal, cold, mixing.

As well as allowing children to make their own choices, whilst using their senses to freely explore, this activity also helps their communication and language skills to develop in a variety of ways, as they listen and repeat different words and sounds, and learn to understand describing words and how to describe something, which all links back to the Early Years Foundations Stages that we work to here at Juice.

So, give this a try at home and please do let us know how you get on – were there particular resources that your child loved exploring, or items that you introduced to the talking table that we might like to try here at nursery? For further inspiration on what you might include on your table, or in a treasure basket, then check out this article by Early Years Specialist, Kathy Brodie, who has lots of great ideas.

Have fun!

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