Happy Easter!

Hello Everyone!

We’ve had an egg-static week this week in Green Room going on an egg hunt, learning about the Hindu celebration Holi and saying goodbye to the chicks.

On Muddy morning we had a fantastic time in John Leigh Park. After our snack, the children went searching for eggs that had numbers and spots on. The children had to find all the halves of eggs and match the numbers with the correct spots. After they had found nearly all of the eggs, they went in search of some missing halves and found some chocolate eggs to share.

We then read a non-fiction book about the Hindu festival, Holi. A member of our class had been celebrating Holi with his family, so we took some powder paint and hung some white sheets to throw it at. The children loved throwing the paint (sorry if they came home covered in it!) making lots of nice colours. Then, because the festival is throwing the paint at someone, Shelbie offered herself to the task, which the children found hilarious. Not only great fun and educational, but they were using their gross motor skills too!

In Phonics we recapped the songs we had learnt so far and recapped our understanding of the ‘p’ sound. The children found objects from around the room to add to the tray, we then covered it over and took one away. The children had to guess which one was missing. They were very intrigued by the pirate ship and wanted to play in the water with it after too. Amelie brought in a phonics book that she had been reading at home and half way through the story, it was quite clear she could read it to the children herself. So, she became the teacher, reading us the story and asking children questions about the story at the end. We think she might be after Kate’s job!!

The children are still very motivated and keen to share and perform their own stories, I don’t think we’ve ever had such an enthusiastic group! They also love incorporating their friends and staff members in to their stories and I’ve never known so many trees putting people in jail… but they find it very entertaining!

The children have also been having a go at bead threading so we decided it would be a great time to introduce the concept of creating a pattern. As it was also one of the children’s Next Steps, Danielle introduced the concept by using the shape snap cards and modelled an alternating pattern. The children were then paired up and they had a go at making their own. They were also challenged by trying to make a pattern with three colours too. If you wanted to try this at home then this could be done in lots of ways including beads, counters, leaves, flowers, lego and there is an online game link here that you could have a go at too https://www.topmarks.co.uk/ordering-and-sequencing/shape-patterns As always, please add it to eyLog for us to see. 

The children have been very excited about Easter and wanting to make Easter cards to give to their family members. We had a little discussion about why we celebrate Easter, what the egg represents and that it is a Christian celebration. We also read a book about the Jewish celebration of Passover, that one of our children brought in to share last week.

Unfortunately, it was time to say goodbye to our chicks as they go back to the farm that they came from. The children have been fascinated to see how quickly they have grown and now being able to see their feathers appearing on their wings. Tadpole update; we are still awaiting legs to appear! On the 9th April we will also be receiving our caterpillars to watch them become beautiful butterflies.

We hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!

The Green Room Team

Chick, chick, chick chicken, lay a little egg for me!

Hello Everyone!

We hope you are all keeping well! We’ve had an egg-cellent time in nursery this week watching our eggs hatch and looking after the chicks!

We were very egg-cited to welcome our chicks to nursery, first seeing them as eggs and then watching them break through their egg shells to show their fluffy exterior. To support the children’s learning further, we read a non-fiction book about the life cycle of a chicken and the children were very curious about their nests. So we collected a mixture of natural materials to make their own nests and we also added a some eggs (a mixture of real and pretend) for them to place in the nests too. The children also wanted to have a go at making their own chick from the junk modelling basket so we included some yellow feathers for them to add too.

On Friday it was our turn to clean them out so, at Circle Time we talked about all the things the chicks need including water, food and a clean space. We then took turns to hold the chicks which the children did very bravely and carefully. We kept them in the room for a while so the children could watch them, talk about them and ask any questions they might like to know. The children took their love of watching the eggs hatch even further, incorporating it in to their play and using the crates to be the egg shell as they pretended to be the chick hatching.

We have continued to watch our tadpoles too, eagerly waiting for our largest tadpole (Hulk) to grow legs. The children have been making lots of observations of what they could see.

The children have really enjoyed acting out some Maths songs we have been singing recently, including 5 little speckled frogs, 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed, 5 cheeky monkeys swinging through the trees and 10 green bottles. They have been becoming more familiar with taking away and using their fingers to show how many are left. You can have a go at singing these songs at home too and either using people or toys to model taking away. Remember to show us on eyLog.

Helicopter stories has been very popular again this week, the children really developing their story telling skills introducing a beginning, middle and an end. When we are writing the stories for the children, we are helping scaffold their stories by asking questions such as, if they have introduced another character, asking ‘what did they look like?’ (to encourage them to use adjectives) and ‘what did they do?’. When children are still establishing their story skills they like to add more and more characters, but it is understanding that each character has a purpose within the story. So as we continue with our story telling, we will be supporting the children on an individual basis to develop their stories in greater detail.

We got lots of exercise this week including Stretch-n-Grow, PE and, on Wednesday morning we spent time in the front garden making obstacle courses, riding the balance bike, throwing balls in to hoops, reading stories, taking pictures and using magnifying glasses too. The children loved their time out in the sunshine and fresh air and were all very engaged with the different games they were playing.

Next week Muddy Morning will be on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend!

The Green Room Team

Tadpoles and dough balls!

Hello Everyone!

We’ve had a very exciting week watching our tadpoles grow tails and swim, learning the ‘p’ sound and making dough balls!

In Phonics we recapped the sounds we had learnt so far and introduced the ‘p’ sound by singing the jolly phonics song first, which you can find here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDo6o9Wmn60   The children requested that we play Bertha’s Bus, so we went on a trip to the zoo and saw a pig, platypus, peacock, panda and a penguin. Kate asked the children if they could think of anything else beginning with ‘p’ and they said people, paintings, polar bear and pizza.

The children have written many stories this week and we decided to combine this with some phase 1 phonics. As we were reading one of the children’s stories, we added musical instruments to make it even more exciting. The children played their instruments loudly when the dragon came, made popcorn, thunder and fireworks. And they played them quietly when there was a bunny and baby dragon.

As I mentioned, the children have loved writing and performing stories and have started to write them at home too! Some have even started to make books and front covers for them which is great because we talk about book covers, introducing the vocabulary ‘author’ and ‘illustrator’ and even a blurb! As we had the tadpoles we read the story ‘Tiddler’ by Julia Donaldson and in the story Tiddler likes to tell tall tales. After the story Kate challenged the children to maybe include a frog or a tadpole in their own stories and they did!

As you are aware we rescued the tadpoles from John Leigh Park and we were pleased to see after the weekend, that they had grown tails and were swimming. So, we decided they needed a bit more room and transferred them into a larger tank with rocks in and we have been feeding them spinach too. The children have been fascinated by the tadpoles and it has led to a lot of conversations (which we call ‘Sustained Shared Thinking’). The children have been talking about what they would like to call them and came up with some very interesting names including Speed, Unicorn and Floor (not a typo!).

Our children love drawing pictures and making cards, which we like to encourage them to do as it strengthens their fingers, using their fine motor skills, practicing their letter formation, using their sounds and their imaginations! We hope you are enjoying receiving them!

To address some PSHE related issues that can sometime occur, such as snatching and unkind comments, we introduced a couple of puppets called Patrick and Anna. Danielle and Kate used the puppets to act out some scenarios that had happened within the room and the children had to help the puppets make the right choices and be kind to each other. The children then went off in to their own play using the puppets to interact with each other.

In the garden the children have been busy, creating obstacle courses and making up games with balls. They took part in Stretch-n-Grow with Caroline and we went out on the front of the Town Hall to get some fresh air and exercise.

For our baking activity we made dough balls, on the back of a request from one of the children, who had tried some at home. If you would like to have a go at home too then here is the recipe https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/dough-balls-garlic-butter Don’t forget to show us on eyLog!

Our children love numbers and so in Maths we have been singing and acting out ‘5 Little Frogs’. The children wore the masks on their heads and loved and pretending to be the frogs jumping in to the pond. As we were singing the children were showing me the numbers on their fingers and taking one away each time. We also played a game matching Numicon to numbers with an added challenge! The children were asked what other ways we could make the numbers eg. 3(2+1), 4(2+2, 3+1) The children were amazing at this and we were using the Numicon to make 2 digit numbers too, beginning to understand that to make 13 we needed a 10 and a 3(not a 1). The children then went and made pictures with the Numicon in their own time.

Next week Muddy Morning will be on Wednesday.

Have a great weekend! Feel free to show us what exciting things you get up to on eyLog!

The Green Room Team

British Science week

Hello Everyone!

We’ve had a busy week in Green Room becoming scientists, watching raisins ‘dance’, making rainbows and rescuing tadpoles!

On Muddy Morning we went to John Leigh Park in search of a new trail that one of the children had told us about, which involved sea creatures and our moving like them. As it had rained so much, as we were following the trail, lots of the worms had been brought up. The children noticed there were a few on the path and so we decided we would rescue the worms and put them in a safe place.

We were also aware that there was some frog spawn at the bottom of the ditch so we went armed with a jam jar to collect some and bring it back to nursery. It was very difficult to see on the ground but we managed to spot it and scoop it in to the jar. When we got back to nursery we talked about all things we knew about tadpoles and frogs and we discussed what more we would like to know about them, recording this in our Big Book. We also looked at pictures about the life cycle of a frog and read a non-fiction book about tadpoles becoming frogs too. We talked about how careful we needed to be with them and what they would need to survive and the children used magnifying glasses to have a closer look. In just a couple of days they went from a black blob in their egg to growing tails and some have even started swimming, so we can’t wait to come in on Monday and see how much they have grown!

This week the children have been using their observational skills a lot and this time to be creative and paint some Daffodils. They had a choice of different mediums to use to do this including green and yellow chalk, crayons, paint, watercolors and pencil crayons. As you can see, they thought carefully about the different shapes that they could see and the colours too.

We enjoyed taking part in British Science Week, making predictions and testing our theories just like real Scientists. The children had a go at mixing their own paint colours and combined lemonade and raisins to observe what would happen. The children watched the raisins as they ‘danced’. We talked about the concept of floating and sinking. We collected some objects and the children predicted whether it would float or sink and recorded it in the Big Book, then we tested our predictions, being surprise by white potatoes sinking and sweet potatoes floating. The children then had a go in their independent play to test sinking and floating with their own choice of objects. We also did an experiment that would see how a rainbow of colours would transfer through paper towels from cup to cup and made volcanoes by mixing bicarb of soda, vinegar and food colouring, which is always great fun! If you have a go at any of these experiments at home, we would love to see them on eyLog.

We love it when children bring in books to share and ‘101 bums’ by Chris Jevons proving to be a very popular choice. The children were thoroughly entertained by lots of differently described animal bums and we even counted all the bums to 101! During the week the children had a vote for which book they would like to read, so they were all given a multilink cube to vote on the book the liked. The two piles were counted and we talked about which had the most. As we were learning so much about frogs we sang 5 little speckled frogs too.

Our children continue to enjoy writing and performing their own Helicopter Stories. Thank you to everyone who has written one and home and sent them in, please continue to do so, we love sharing them together.

Green Room children have been challenging themselves physically by jumping off crates and making a balancing obstacle course of tyres and planks to get to them. This was supervised by an adult to support them managing their own risks, safely.

This week we combined Phonics and yoga! The children recapped the sounds they had learnt so far s,a,t by using their bodies and then segmented them, by clapping the sounds of the different yoga poses including pig, cat, dog and cow. They then blended them together and were taken through a guided meditation.

Muddy Morning is on Tuesday next week and we will be meeting Lesley, our Manager with her dogs, Mal and Bryn, to learn more about them.

Have a great weekend!

The Green Room Team

once upon a time…

Hello Everyone!

We’ve had a lovely week in Green Room dressing up, telling stories and enjoying World Book Day.

On Muddy Morning we had planned to follow the Goldilock’s trail that we had seen a little bit of the week before in John Leigh Park but unfortunately, it wasn’t there when we got there. So, the children decided that we could make our own trail of the story back at nursery. After our snack the children wanted to play their own games using the space in the park. Some children were playing dino-tig, some were collecting sticks and some were enjoying having a chat. Allowing the children to have this space and time helps develop their PSHE skills, including managing their feelings and behaviour, taking turns, developing friendships and developing their conversation skills.

As we know, they will be starting school this year and all these skills will help them in their transition to Big School. As the trail wasn’t there, we read the story and acted it out in small groups so everybody had a go at telling the story. When we got back, we also had a go at ordering pictures from the story, that were hidden in the garden. This was quite a challenge because when the story was broken down and there were a lot of cards to order (22!). So, one of the children suggested we numbered them like they had seen the Goldilocks cards numbered in the park. Good thinking!

In Phonics the children have been practicing the ‘t’ sound and their alliteration skills. Danielle modelled how to tell an alliterative story using the ‘s’ picture cards we have on our wall. The children were then supported to collaborate to tell a story using the ‘t’ pictures including a teddy, tiger, turtle, tea, toast and tambourine. You can have a go at doing this at home too by choosing objects that start with the same sound and seeing if you can tell a story using them. As always we’d love to see what you get upto on eyLog and we can add it to our home learning display.

This week the children also practiced their segmenting and blending skills. The children were shown pictures of objects that have three sounds in (CVC words) eg, cat, hat, pig. The children had to listen to each sound and blend them together to guess the word. They had a go at clapping each sound and to challenge them further we asked if they could spot the CVC word to match the picture.

In Maths some of the children’s Next Steps were to know that when a set of objects are split in to 3 or 4 groups, the total is still the same and to match numerals to quantities. So we counted out 10 animals and then the children took it in turns to put them in different ‘environments’ including desert, sea, ice and grass. When all the animals had been placed we counted how many were in each environment and found the matching numeral for each group and found the total was still 10.

We had a great time on World Book Day and we loved seeing the children dressed up and sharing their favourite stories with us too. We had a whole host of characters including Zog, a unicorn, Batman, The Cat in the Hat and Mog. One of the children had an idea, when we were giving the them the opportunity to show off their costumes, to act out the story they are from. We thought this was a great idea so we asked the children if they wanted put their character in their own helicopter story that we could then act the stories out. This was a great way of adding different characters to their stories as some of they like to use the same characters each time.

In our role play area we added different costumes for the children to explore and they were very popular as you can imagine! They also made up their own game of climbing on the crates to swing from the fort. We love to encourage the children to use their bodies in different ways and to take managed risks. Not only were they very organised with their own queuing system but they were supported on how to keep themselves safe whilst having fun.

We love the children interacting with our displays and when they are at nursery, their families are never far from their minds. They have recently started taking their family pictures off the wall and talking to each other about who is in the pictures, which then sparks other conversations about their lives.

Next week Muddy Morning will be on Wednesday and we will becoming scientists as it is Science Week!

Have a great weekend!

The Green Room Team

spring is in the air!

Hello Everyone!

We’ve had another fantastic week in Green Room, spotting the signs of Spring, telling stories and getting creative!

On Muddy Morning we visited John Leigh Park, where the children are still keen to find Dippy our Diplodocus, that we lost in the park back in September. When looking for Dippy the children spotted different flowers starting to grow including crocuses, daffodils and snow drops. The temperature was definitely milder than it had been in previous weeks so we discussed that these were all signs of Spring.

It wouldn’t be trip to the park if we didn’t visit the big puddle but, as we found it was a little boggy, we found some cleaner puddles to jump in. On our way around the park we noticed there were parts of the Goldilocks story on a trail. We read a couple of them and decided on our next Muddy Morning that we would follow the Goldilocks story trail around the park fully. So, when we got back to nursery, the children wanted to read ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’, which is great for using different voices which is part of their Phase 1 Phonic skills (Voice sounds).

In Phonics this week, we introduced the ‘t’ sound from Phase 2 phonics. The children sang the song first which you can listen to here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6Pn2zVz3eo They then told me all the things they could think of that began with a ‘t’ sound. We had some pictures of objects that began with a ‘t’ and Kate gave the children clues as to what it might be eg, “This ‘t’ is a big cat, has black and orange stripes and lives in the jungle”. When the children had guessed it was a tiger, they were asked if they could find the corresponding word. This definitely challenged the children but they used what they had learnt so far in phonics to work out which word was the correct one (with a little help from their friends!). The children rose to the challenge and did a great job at matching them up, not always getting them correct but willing to keep going and try again, which is all part of our Characteristics of Effective Learning. If you want a bit of extra support on how to say the ‘t’ sound, relating words or an activity to do with the children at home, then follow this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTSbzsSfTgs&t=24s

In Maths this week, one of the children’s Next Steps was to understand the mathematical vocabulary ‘more’ and ‘fewer’. We made a small pile of cars and a pile of animals and asked the children which pile they thought had ‘more’ in and which had ‘fewer’. The children were supported to count how many were in each pile to work out if they were correct or not. Don’t worry these are not real dinosaur feet, just to help our children become more familiar with their number recognition.

In PE the children had the opportunity to play with the soft play, using their bodies in lots of different ways. They also had their weekly Stretch n Grow Session with Caroline and took part in a Mini Me Yoga friendship meditation too.

The children’s creative juices have been flowing this week, with them making things in our creative area. We moved the room around slightly and suddenly everyone wanted to make something using junk modelling. We got out the drills from our woodwork box as some children wanted to make necklaces and we used the hand operated drill to put holes in bottle tops so they could thread the string through. This was a very popular activity as all the children wanted to have a go at using the drill. This is a great introduction to using our other tools related to our woodwork, which we will introduce our children to over the coming weeks.

Also in the creative area the children were given more independence over mixing their own paint colours. We gave them powder paint in shakers to mix with water. This is definitely a messy process to begin with but slowly they will begin to realise what quantities to use of paint and water and how to mix colours to make other colours (other than brown!).

We have had a lot of keen story tellers this week, with some of the children wanting to have a go at writing stories themselves! Very impressive! This inspired lots of children to have a go at writing labels, names and phrases  too. The children are becoming more confident at telling their own stories and understanding story structure. If you want to have a go at home, supporting your child to write their own story, then here is a link that might help https://www.makebelievearts.co.uk/helicopterstorieslettingimaginationfly If you do write a story, we would love to read it at nursery and they may like the opportunity to act it out with their friends here too.

We were kindly gifted some new books in Green Room with an underwater theme, including the Octonauts and the Coral Reef. The children were very engaged with the idea of being under the sea so we set up a messy play themed tray for them to explore their ideas further.

Next week Muddy Morning is on Tuesday.

Hope you all have a fab weekend!

The Green Room Team

Kung Hei Fat Choy from green room!

Hello Everyone!

We’ve had a great time in Green Room this week learning the ‘a’ sound and celebrating Chinese New Year.

In Phonics, we have recapped our learning of the ‘s’ sound by going on a hunt around the room to find different things beginning with ‘s’. This week we have introduced the ‘a’ sound by singing the Jolly Phonics song which you can find here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dz2SKHp_Ukc

If you would like to learn more about the ‘a’ sound then follow this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6fxDt4nV64  We put objects beginning with ‘a’ in a bag and when the music stopped they had to take an object or a picture out beginning with an ‘a’. We then added an activity to the provision to sort the ‘a’(as in astronaut) and ‘a’(as in acorn). The children used the sound buttons provided and they thought of other things beginning with ‘a’ including an asteroid, ankylosaurus, anteater, apple and Antman. They also used the logos displayed in the room to find Asda, Aldi and the Avengers signs.

On Wednesday’s Muddy Morning we went to Stamford Park in the lovely sunshine, but it was very cold! We decided to eat our snack next to the duck pond where we talked about the different birds including Mallards and Canada Geese. We were also fascinated by the pond being frozen over and the ducks trying to walk on it. The children were given a chance to explore the wooded area and they chose to play hide and seek and some were making ‘fires’ and engaging with imaginary play in the open space, finding sticks and working together and moving logs.

Our children love talking about animals and when we were reading a book about Bugs, they wanted to count the different bugs legs. So, at Circle Time we read a story by Kes Grey called ‘How Many Legs?’ As we were reading the story we had to count the different animal’s legs that entered the party. We introduced the children to math’s vocabulary including ‘adding’ and ‘altogether’. At the end of the story the children were asked to estimate how many legs there were altogether. We recorded the children’s estimates such as infinity, 1 million and 100! We discussed who was the closest and it was Hugo with 125! We followed this activity up by sorting the animals by counting their legs and putting them in to different groups and again using the language, ‘altogether’.

One of our parents has been extremely kind (Thank you!) and has brought in lots of resources to support our teaching the children about Chinese New Year. We read a lift the flap story about the dragon parade and we watched video clips of a lion dance and a dragon parade. We watched some more video clips about how Chinese New Year is celebrated at home which you might also like to have a look at https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/watch/chinese-new-year 

We read a story about how each year is named after an animal and how that came to be. The children helped act out the story of the animals racing across the river and used medals to incorporate the math’s language of their position in the race eg, 1st, 2nd, 3rd. The children really enjoyed this story and enjoyed re-enacting this story by themselves after too. They also had great fun playing with some cooked and dry noodles, using chopsticks and bowls, all great for helping to develop their finger strength.

Today, (Friday) we celebrated the day by having a Chinese feast. including Sweet and Sour Chicken and Rice with Spring Rolls. The children were given the opportunity to have a go at using chopsticks. We decorated the room with red and gold decorations to bring luck and the children were given the opportunity make a Chinese New Year cards and lanterns too. They were also given a red envelope with coins and stickers in, which again bring good luck.

Next week Muddy Morning will be on Friday.

Have a great weekend!

The Green Room Tea

Express yourself … children’s mental health week

Hello Everyone!

We’ve had a great week in Green Room, taking part in yoga in the park, enjoying a visit from Bobbi the Rabbit and expressing ourselves, whilst celebrating Children’s Mental Health Week.

On Muddy Morning we went to the park and the children were very keen to get splashing in the puddles, so much so that many people in the park were enjoying watching the children have so much fun.

We then took part in a confidence building yoga session. The children were asked to wiggle different parts of their bodies whilst shouting affirmations such as “I am confident, I am great, I am loved”.

They then had a go at different Mini Me Yoga poses such as the boat, giraffe, warrior and the tree pose. The children then got in their comfortable meditation positions and were asked to think about something they may find difficult, such as doing up their coat zip, putting on shoes, wiping their own bottoms. They were then asked to envisage overcoming these difficulties. As you can see from the pictures, the children were completely engaged with the activity, which has become part of their everyday life at nursery. After yoga we headed for the big puddle, with some balls to play with too, and had great fun throwing, kicking and rolling them down the hill in to the puddle.

As our children love animals so much, Tracey in Blue Room very kindly offered to bring in her house rabbit, Bobbi. The children enjoyed watching Bobbi and were keen to ask questions about him. They were reminded to act calmly and carefully around Bobbi, so he didn’t get scared. He particularly liked hopping round our fort.

It was Children’s Mental Health Week this week so we had lots of opportunities for the children to express themselves in different ways including dressing in their own clothes or fancy dress costumes, decorating fairy cakes in their own way during our baking activity, as well as through junk modelling. The children were also asked to bring in a ‘mood board’ of different things that they liked including their favourite toys, colours, stickers, books, songs and more.

This week in Phonics we introduced the children to the ‘s’ sound. This is the first sound in Phase 2 Phonics which you can find out more about if you follow this link. We would usually have a meeting with Kate to talk through our approach to phonics but unfortunately we cannot get together under the restrictions. We do have our ‘Have Fun with Phonics’ Blog however, that we would encourage you to read, if you would like to help support your child in the best way with their phonics. Please also feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or anything you are unsure of, emailing Kate at kate@juicenursery.com.

To introduce the ‘s’ sound we sang the Jolly Phonics ‘s’ song which you can find here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECjT3XFz04U We then had a think and a chat with our talking buddy of all the things we could think of that begin with a ‘s’. The children thought of some great ideas including a snake, a stegosaurus, the sun and a spider. We then had a look at the objects on the tray that began with a ‘s’. The children had a good look at the objects before Kate put a scarf over the top and took one away. The children then had to guess which object beginning with ‘s’ was missing. You could also have a go at doing this at home too, we’d love to see your pictures on eyLog. On another day, we hid the ‘s’ objects in the garden and went on a hunt to see how many we could find. This is not only fun but a great opportunity to include prepositions including under, behind, on top of etc.

As our children love telling stories and it is a perfect way to express ourselves, we introduced the children to our story cards. The cards have different themes including settings, characters (goodies and badies), feelings, actions and objects. We turned over a card from each pile and talked about what could happen in the story. Then Kate modelled making up a story using the cards including using story language eg, once upon a time, characters, something bad happening and then it being resolved. The children were given the cards in the provision so they could have a go at making up their own stories too. We then recorded these stories in our book and performed them at Circle Time, to much hilarity!

In Maths, Danielle played a game with the children to roll the dice, count how many were on it and then the children had to choose an action to do that many times. You could also have a go at doing this at home too and to make it more challenging add another dice or even three depending on their counting confidence. To support the children’s counting and develop their fine motor skills we added some beads to the Numicon which they had to get using the tweezers.

Please note that next week Muddy Morning will be on Wednesday and we will be celebrating Chinese New Year on Friday 12th February.

 Have a great weekend everybody!

The Green Room Team

We going on a …. shape hunt!

Hello Everyone!

We’ve had another great week in Green Room with a shape hunt and rescuing Supertato!

On our way to Muddy Morning we had great fun spotting different shapes in the environment and we saw lots! We are very blessed to have so many interesting buildings around us that have so many different shapes. We took pictures of them as we went and when we got back to nursery we counted how many we had of each shape by making a tally chart. The children enjoyed this so much they wanted to have their own tally chart to spot shapes around the room too. They have been exploring with 2D shapes and enjoyed making pictures with them in their independent play which also develops their mark making skills. The children also had a go at using elastic bands on our Geoboards to make different shapes and pictures and have been also practicing writing their numbers too.

In Phonics this week we have talked about rhyming words and we read a rhyming story and we practiced talking in our robot voices to segment and blend simple words. The children put their hand in a bag and pulled out an object. Kate then asked them how would Mike (our friendly robot) say the object. The children had a really good go at this and without knowing they were segmenting (breaking up) the sounds in the words such as ‘p-i-g’, ‘sh-ee-p’, ‘d-u-ck’, ‘p-eg’. The children have been very keen on learning the alphabet so we have added a Velcro alphabet to the room. Kate took off some of the letters and we sang the Alphabet song, working out what letters were missing. As we were doing it we talked about the difference between the name of the letter and the sound it makes.

The children loved reading Supertato last week so this week we read Supertato- Veggies Assemble. The children were very engrossed in the story and we set up an activity to rescue Supertato. First the children had rescue Supertato from the box which was cellotaped so the children had to use their fine motor skills to pull it off. We then thought we would challenge them further. First the children had a go at matching the padlocks and keys by matching the spots on the keys with the numbers on the padlocks. Not only is this great for their math’s skills but for their fine motor skills too, trying to grip the keys and padlocks. So we tied Supertato up with rope and padlocks and the children had to match the keys to rescue Supertato.

As some of the children’s Next Steps were to anticipate key events in stories, we read ‘The Pirates Next Door’ The children were asked what they thought the pirates had left behind for their neighbours. The children were paired up with a talk partner to discuss their ideas first. This approach helps support children with an answer to offer, rather than putting them on the spot which can feel quite daunting to some children. They gave lots of interesting answers including sea creatures, presents and scooters! The children were very inspired by this story that they wanted to play pirates in the roleplay area straight away and so we got out the dressing up clothes, eye patches and flags.

In the water tray this week the children have been exploring colour. We provided them with spice shakers filled with powder paint to mix in to the water independently. The children were engaged with this activity for quite some time, practicing their turn taking too.

We love it when the children play collaboratively, as they are using so many skills including communication, personal, social and emotional and their imagination. They have been quite fascinated about food in the role play area for a while but this week they took it to the next level by having a collaborative picnic, it was really lovely to see.

We have added a couple of displays to our environment recently, firstly our ‘We have learnt by..’ display which is in grown up language is The Characteristics of Effective Learning (how we learn). The children have been given different named dinosaurs to describe how they have been learning. For example, a child showed us a picture they had drawn, so they were being a ‘Proudasaurus’, because they were proud of what they had done. The children were asked to reflect on their learning that morning to describe what dinosaur they could be including a Haveagoadon, Explorasaurus and a Chooseadactyl. So, if they come home talking about them, you know why!

We have also added a ‘Home Learning’ display to the room to show all the fantastic learning you have been doing at home and the children love talking about their pictures with the friends. Thank you everybody who has sent them in so far and if you haven’t yet then. don’t worry, but if you are baking, playing or going on a trip to the park, then just take picture and add it to eyLog for us to print off and add to the display.

Next week is shaping up to be a busy one and we a have a few things planned. On Monday, we will be having a visit from Tracey, who is bringing her house rabbit in to show us, as the children love talking about pets. As next week is Children’s Mental Health Week, on Tuesday we will be taking part in ‘Dress to Express’, where the children can wear whatever they like to show off their different personalities. On Wednesday we will be going on Muddy Morning. so please ensure that the children are dressed appropriately for the weather and have hats, gloves and a scarf.

Have a great weekend!

The Green Room Team

Superheroes and SNOW!

We have had another fun and very busy week here in Green Room.

We began the week by continuing to follow on with the children’s interest of baking! Shelbie set up a tray with hot chocolate, tea and coffee, after the children had been pretending that they were making tea in the sand. Following this Kate read the story ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ at Circle Time and in the afternoon we made gingerbread people!

On Monday during our PE session, the children participated in a yoga flow session that focused on being kind, in addition to exploring what qualities it takes to be a kind friend. We also had a great time playing Shape Corners. When the music stopped the children had to go to the correct shape that was being called, a great activity in helping to support them in recognising a variety of different shapes. Kate then followed up with a Circle Time where the children had to categorise the 2D shapes, before finding different shaped objects in the room. 

On Wednesday the children had a fabulous time pretending to be Superheroes! We read ‘Superworm’ and ‘Supertato’ and acted out some superhero stories! We enhanced the Curiosity Table to become a Superhero corner. Supertato was in the light box and the children had to try and save him! This was a great way to support the children’s learning in creating and thinking critically, as the children had their own ideas, made links and chose different ways to do things.

We captured some of their ideas we used the Floor Book at Circle Time to discuss what our Superhero name would be and what super power we would have! There were lots of invisibility and super speed powers! 

We cannot finish this week’s Blog, without mentioning our unexpected snow day! All the children were very excited to go out and try and build a snowman! It was a real group effort to make our snowman, which we called Snowy! We then had a big snowball fight, which was very fun …. but very cold!! 

Muddy morning next week will be on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend!

The Green Room Team